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Telehealth: Room for Positive Change is now wherever you are!

Telehealth Secure, confidential, and convenient service Telehealth refers to a consultation with your health care provider using both a video and audio connection or via telephone contact. The popularity of using Telehealth continues to increase. If provided the option for video Telehealth servcies, are you among the 44% of Australians who would switch providers? Reports […]

4 Tips on Building Self-Confidence

We’re off to see Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman movie tonight! I think she’s confidently nailed the role and I’m quietly excited to see the first-ever movie adaptation. However, I will always hold an affinity for the iconic Lynda Carter … and as for Superman, well I’m simply a huge fan! The reason for picking the […]

Developing Self-Regulation

Self-Regulation: You Don’t Have to Push the Button! SELF-REGULATION Virtue Category: Temperance In the pursuit of goals and living up to standards, self-regulation is about the strength to independently manage our control panel for thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Interestingly, it’s one of the least highly endorsed character strengths amongst those who complete the Values in Action […]

4 Steps to Better Manage Worry

Okay, most of us worry from time to time. In fact, reports indicate around 2 out 5 people get caught up in worry at least once a day. Worry is like a form of verbal/visual mental consideration about something that might happen in the future … what if I’m late?… what if I lose my job?… what if the […]

Character Strengths: The Backbone of Positive Psychology

It’s hard to believe that nearly 2 years have passed since I completed the MAPP program (Master of Positive Psychology). The science of wellbeing and its impact on both my practice and personal life continues to evolve and I’m enjoying the ride! I still appreciate the change of tone and direction in meetings with clients […]